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Speak Up & Lead!

Master Your Speaking & Leadership Skills at this Intensive Personal Training Experience

Master Your Speaking & Leadership Skills at this Intensive Personal Training Experience

Featured Product

A Chiropractic World was written in 1994 and has inspired doctors and patients worldwide. The original poster is hanging in thousands of chiropractic offices. We recently updated the image and tweaked a few words to make the meaning more relevant than ever.

Hang this in your practice, personal office, or home to inspire yourself, team, and community with this idealistic vision of possibility.

100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Options

Personalized Website

$ 397 Monthly*
  • Personalized, SEO Optimized 100 Year Chiropractic Website
  • 150+ Referral Generating Articles & Videos
  • Fresh 100 Year Lifestyle Content Feeds to Your Site
  • Text, Email & Social Media Marketing Capability
  • Premier Practice Listing on 100YearLifestyle.com
  • "LIVE" DC/CA Weekly Training & Inspiration Calls with Mini-Vault Access to Recordings

All-Inclusive System

$ 697 Monthly*
  • Personalized 100 Year Chiropractic Website
  • Access to the 100 Year Chiropractic Vault
  • Access to the 100 Year Chiropractic MARKETING Vault
  • Referral, Reactivation, Relationship Marketing Tools
  • Hundreds of Digital and Traditional Marketing Resources
  • Social Media, Email, & Text Marketing Resources
  • Pediatric, Family, School, Corporate, & Community Marketing Resources
  • Fitness, Sports Team, & Personal Trainer Marketing Resources
  • Screening, Special Event & Lecture Resources with Speaker & Sales Training
  • Complimentary Content Updates & Much More!

Chiropractic Vault

$ 397 Monthly*
  • 1000's of Videos & Documents on Every Aspect of Practice Building & Personal Development
  • NP Processing, Procedure, Communication, Sales, , Scheduling, Efficiency, Retention, & More
  • Finances, Business, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, & More!
  • Simple Search Option with Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions available 24/7/365
  • LIVE DC/CA Training & Inspiration with Access to Recordings & Much More!

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