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least vulnerable person ebook

1. Becoming A Least Vulnerable Person is the perfect message to empower your patients and inspire your community to make chiropractic care a part of their lifestyle in this misinformed, post-COVID world.

Get your Personalized version with a link to your practice website for unlimited digital usage. Use this ebook to generate more internal and external referrals, as well as for digital, social media, and email marketing.

2. Exciting Neuroscience Breakthroughs for All, is also available to personalize for your practice. This transcript from our popular podcast is a great referral tool, will increase the value of your care, and generate more committed new patients for your practice.

3. Raising Super Healthy Families, is a transcript of an interview that Dr. Plasker did with Barbara Loe Fisher from NVIC. It is inspiring and eye opening for parents.

Printed magazine versions of these ebooks, personalized for your practice, are also available in small-batch or larger quantities. Your patients will share them with family, friends, and co-workers, place them in the reception room of their own businesses, and use them to help you attract more people to your practice.

They are beautiful and informative. First Class! You will love them!

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New: Doctor of the Present

Every chiropractor has used Thomas Edison’s 1903 quote,  “Doctor of the Future…”,  to create value for chiropractic care. Well its time to stop living in the future. 

In 2010, we updated the quote to empower you and your team to get more people under chiropractic care NOW! We changed one word and added a hyphen. BE PRESENT, and bring this paradigm shift into your practice.

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