Transforming Health & Longevity Worldwide

Communities everywhere are in desperate need of new healthcare leadership. Chiropractors, we have the answer!

With a common voice, solid principles, and exceptional success record, we are inspiring, training, and equipping DCs to lead and attracting more people everywhere to chiropractors.

First-Class Branding, Marketing, and Education for Your Chiropractic Practice

Put the power of The 100 Year Lifestyle to work for your practice and fill your practice with lifetime patients. STAND OUT in your community as a leader with an essential message that attracts more people to the chiropractic lifestyle while you enjoy the freedom that comes with a relentless stream of first-class resources you and your team can trust.

100YL Personalized Website

Your SEO friendly 100YL Website will help you stand out to new patients and help you create lifetime patients through branding, referral, and educational resources.
The unique branding, education, and content updates equip your team to attract more committed patients. Our team will manage your site so you can focus on serving more people and spending more quality time with your family.

100YL All-Inclusive System

The 100YL All-Inclusive System gives you everything you need to attract and create as many lifetime patients as your practice is willing to see and enable your practice to run without you if you choose.
Effective for new and experienced chiropractors, solo and multi-doctor offices. The branding, education, and resources will get your team on the same page and equip you to reach your potential in practice and life.

100YL Chiropractic Vault

The 100YL Chiropractic Vault is the most comprehensive training, motivation, practice building, and personal development platform ever created for DCs at every level of practice and goals.
With thousands of videos and documents available in seconds, the Vault delivers what you need today, next month, in a year and a decade. The Vault contains 35 years of WISDOM helping thousands of DCs and CAs grow by over $1 billion delivering high integrity lifetime care to more people.

Freedom Services

Our Social Media Posting and Email services are a fraction of the cost of local companies and create a steady stream of chiropractic messaging to your community.
Free up your team to do what they love while adding consistent email, Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn posting services to Website and All-Inclusive Affiliate programs.

Speak Up & Lead

This powerful breakthrough training is for people who want to master their speaking and communication skills, overcome fear, find their authentic voice, and have a greater impact.
Finding your voice in this cancel culture world can be the most important investment you make in yourself and key team members. The world needs your voice more than ever. Hurry up and take it on before you explode.


Our unique collection of patient education products and posters empower people to commit, refer, and become lifetime advocates for your practice.
Equip your patients and community to educate people and refer to your practice even while you are sleeping.

What 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractors Are Saying...

Live. Practice. Yours.

The 100 Year Lifestyle System is an exciting opportunity for DCs who want to help more people, enjoy more success, create ideal work-life balance, and be a part of a bigger vision. 

Not a Franchise! Keep 100% of your business, income, and growth!


100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Options

Personalized Website

$ 397 Monthly*
  • Personalized, SEO Optimized 100 Year Chiropractic Website
  • 150+ Referral Generating Articles & Videos
  • Fresh 100 Year Lifestyle Content Feeds to Your Site
  • Text, Email, & Social Media Marketing Capability
  • Premier Practice Listing on
  • LIVE DC/CA Weekly Training & Inspiration Calls with Mini-Vault Access to Recordings

All-Inclusive System

$ 697 Monthly*
  • Personalized 100 Year Chiropractic Website
  • Access to the 100 Year Chiropractic Vault
  • Access to the 100 Year Chiropractic MARKETING Vault
  • Referral, Reactivation, Relationship Marketing Tools
  • Hundreds of Digital and Traditional Marketing Resources
  • Social Media, Email, & Text Marketing Resources
  • Pediatric, Family, School, Corporate, & Community Marketing Resources
  • Fitness, Sports Team, & Personal Trainer Marketing Resources
  • Screening, Special Event & Lecture Resources with Speaker & Sales Training
  • Complimentary Content Updates & Much More!

Chiropractic Vault

$ 397 Monthly*
  • 1000's of Videos & Documents on Every Aspect of Practice Building & Personal Development
  • NP Processing, Procedure, Communication, Sales, Scheduling, Efficiency, Retention, & More
  • Finances, Business, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, & More!
  • Simple Search Option with Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions available 24/7/365
  • LIVE DC/CA Weekly Training & Inspiration Calls with Mini-Vault Access to Recordings

Not a Franchise!

Join The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Network and Keep...

The 100 Year Lifestyle All-Inclusive System Gives You:

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