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Lifetime Care for Everyone

Communities everywhere are in desperate need of new healthcare leadership. Chiropractors, we have the answer!

The 100 Year Lifestyle System will provide you with the resources you need to stand out as a leader, empower your team, and fill your practice with lifetime patients. Enjoy the purpose, freedom, and simplicity that comes with this global mission and bestselling chiropractic message.

It's your time. Let's work together and get your entire community under chiropractic care.

First-Class Branding, Education, Marketing, and Leadership for Your Chiropractic Practice

Team up with The 100 Year Lifestyle to stand out in your community, access an abundance of resources, be a part of a bigger vision, sharpen your team, and fill your practice with lifetime patients. We have "do it yourself" and "we can do it for you" options to optimize your success and personal freedom.

With over 25 years experience generating lifetime patients for chiropractors and a global brand to share, we look forward to working with you to make your community healthier and get your practice to exciting levels you never thought possible.

Let us customize a package for you.

Unlock the Power of the 100 Year Lifestyle Paradigm

The healthy longevity movement is in full swing and The 100 Year Lifestyle is the perfect package to attract the public so that they understand, value, and choose to make chiropractic care a part of their lifestyle, with their loved ones for a lifetime.

Whether you are new in practice or have decades of experience, the quality of the branding, message, resources, and support will empower you to help more people and achieve your goals your personal and professional goals.

We have over 25 years experience helping thousands of DCs grow collectively by over $1 billion delivering high-integrity, lifetime chiropractic care to more people. You will quickly come to appreciate the passion and wisdom that drives our creative chiropractic innovation that many of our decade long clients trust so much. 


Generate more referrals, elevate your brand, and bolster your online presence. 

The best-selling 100 Year Lifestyle co-branding, education, and content feeds will help you stand out in your community and inspire more people to become committed, lifetime patients. 

Practice Builder

INCLUDES full access to The 100 Year Lifestyle All-Inclusive System. 

From world-class marketing, patient education, office efficiency and business, to CA and associate doctor training, you and your team will be inspired and empowered by the quantity and quality of resources to grow your practice to the level of success and freedom you desire.

Freedom Builder

ADD personal coaching, concierge services, and design support to The 100 Year Lifestyle Practice Builder and give yourself and your team a giant BOOST of clarity, freedom, and implementation support. 

Additional Services

Choose The 100 Year Lifestyle option that’s right for you. Multi-year, custom branding, and public relations opportunities are available including additional services to help you lead your team and grow your practice while enjoying more personal freedom for you and your family.

What 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractors Are Saying...

Branding Patient & Community Education

Become a part of The 100 Year Lifestyle community. Co-branding is a proven strategy that ALL industries and businesses use for growth. Let’s work together & get your entire community under chiropractic care.

Come brand with us!

Not a Franchise!

Join The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Network, and Keep 100% of your business, income, and Growth.

Get the #1 Lifetime Patient System for Chiropractors and fill your practice with lifetime patients


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