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Join the 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Network!

The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Paradigm will inspire more people to choose your practice and make chiropractic care a part of their lifestyle. With all the benefits of a franchise and none of the headaches, you will love the personal freedom that comes with teaming up with a first class brand and the collective energy of our inspired group of like-minded chiropractors.

Premier Listing for your Practice

Exciting opportunity for DCs who want to help more people, enjoy more success, create ideal work-life balance, and be a part of a bigger vision. Welcome to The 100 Year Lifestyle!


The Doctor of the Present!

Thomas Edison made this famous quote in 1903 and it’s used by nearly every DC ever since.

Well that was 120 years ago. It’s time to stop living in the future, embrace our essential role, and be the Doctor of the Present for every community.

The 100 Year Lifestyle will help you shift the conversation of your practice and create more lifetime patients, while together we create a healthier world.

Personal growth. collective energy.

The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Network will help you attract more people to your practice, while The 100 Year Lifestyle organically does its job shifting the conversation of the planet. It’s an immediate and long-term strategy that is working, creating extraordinary results for DCs, and changing people’s lives in communities worldwide.

People are living longer than ever, but they are not living better. The allopathic paradigm is causing seniors to suffer and children to be victims. The sandwich moms and dads are caught in the middle carrying the burden of taking care of their parents while trying to raise their children in a healthier way. People are searching for leadership. They are searching for YOU!


100 Percent for 100 Years!

Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential through every phase of life.

This includes YOU! This includes every member of your community!

Join the 100 Year Chiropractic Network today, and let’s make this happen together in your community!

"We love chiropractic and are raising our family in the chiropractic lifestyle. For a few years, we got distracted by an integrated model that was complicated, expensive, and not fun. The 100 Year Lifestyle brought us home and our practice has been booming ever since. We are setting records year after year, our patients love the message, and our profit is higher than ever. The resources are always fresh and the leadership is grounded and strong. We love being a part of the vision."
Drs. Jill and Vance Kirar
Ladson, SC

A Common Voice and Vision.

If we share a common vision, then we’d love to have you join The 100 Year Chiropractic Network. Together, we can make a bigger difference while your practice reaches bigger goals!

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The 100 Year All-Inclusive System Includes:

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