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“The 100 Year Lifestyle has been the catalyst for growth in so many ways. My already good profit is up 33% over last year with more simplicity, purpose, and fun. Adding Associate Doctors has become a simpler, more successful process! It has helped to give me the freedom to exercise my entrepreneurial visions. It’s great to have all these quality resources in place that connect so well with our community!”

For over 3 decades we’ve been committed to the vision of Lifetime Care for Everyone.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, helping chiropractors grow by numbers that we will “never know how far-reaching…!” Your office will benefit by applying this wisdom to your practice and life. Founded by chiropractor and international bestselling author Dr. Eric Plasker, The 100 Year Lifestyle combines decades of real-world practice experience with unprecedented marketing, public relations, patient education, and chiropractic business experience to duplicate success for doctors.

The 100 Year Lifestyle

Chiropractic Network

The 100 Year Lifestyle System will provide you with the resources to attract generations of babies, kids, and families as well as athletes, and business leaders to your practice for lifetime chiropractic care.

People are living longer but they are not living healthier. This longevity crisis is affecting nearly every individual and family.

We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life and that chiropractors should be succeeding and leading health care in every community. The 100 Year Lifestyle System equips chiropractors with the resources they need to market the chiropractic lifestyle, stand out in their community, attract more people to their practice for lifetime care, and lead them on a path to a healthier, longer life.


100 Percent for 100 Years!

Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential through every phase of life. This includes YOU! This includes every member of your community! Join the 100 Year Chiropractic Network today, and let’s make this happen together in your community!

Live. Practice. Yours.

The 100 Year Lifestyle System is an exciting opportunity for DCs who want to help more people, enjoy more success, create ideal work-life balance, and be a part of a bigger vision. 

This is not a franchise. You keep 100% of your business, income, and growth! 


A Common Voice

The 100 Year Lifestyle is a series of internationally bestselling books that evolved into an influential health care brand with a solid chiropractic center. By combining world-class branding with relevant healthy lifestyle content and Chiropractic Lifestyle Care, we equip you to shift the conversation in your community and attract more lifetime patients to your practice. With our global message and local influence through chiropractors like YOU, our common voice is influencing health care and families on many levels.

Solving An Important Problem

The world has chiropractic in a “Crap Box.” People do not know what chiropractic is, they don’t care what it is, and the people who think they know are wrong. The 100 Year Lifestyle, with its long-term vision and bestselling brand, will help you take your practice outside this “box” and get more people to want, value, and utilize chiropractic care with their family for a lifetime.

Global Impact

We’ve made the chiropractic lifestyle cool and valuable to every person, everywhere. With The 100 Year Lifestyle brand and shareable content that reaches millions of people each year through 100YearLifestyle.com and our network of chiropractors, the impact we are having will inspire and give you the tools to do more every day.


If you’re a lifetime chiropractic user yourself, you’ll love the congruency of The 100 Year Lifestyle System. You and your team will appreciate the ongoing relevant content, tools, wisdom, and ease of implementation. We know what you need to jump-start your practice, breakthrough a slump, free yourself up, and enjoy next-level growth. You’ll feel like we’re mind readers and love that we’re here for you online 24/7/365.

Shaping The Future

Whether it’s attracting new students to chiropractic colleges, inspiring them at student recruitment events, or developing them in The 100 Year Lifestyle Club, we are proud to play a significant role in shaping young doctors as leaders and expanding the future of chiropractic.

Spearheading Research

The results of the Lifetime Patient Research Pilot are exciting and Phase 2 is being submitted for publishing right now. We’re proud to be working with the research department at Life University on this practice-based research project to assess the benefits that chiropractic patients are receiving from long-term care.

Dr. Plasker pictured with Papa Hy, his wife Lisa’s grandfather, on his 100th birthday.

Values and Culture

The collective energy of our culture is based on rock-solid values that welcome every technique, nationality, and religion. We care about the world, family, the environment and want to see every person on the planet functioning at their full potential, utilizing chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle. We know it’s a big vision. It’s also an exciting one that can be extremely fulfilling and take your practice, your business, into the stratosphere.

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