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Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon

coxon clinic

“The 100 Year Lifestyle has helped us achieve success without compromise. When we became Affiliates 8 years ago, we had one child and a lot of stress-related to money, business, new patients, procedure, patient education, and every other aspect of the practice. Since then we have added three more children to our family and our practice has grown by nearly $300,000 A YEAR delivering high integrity, lifetime chiropractic care to more people – and we are just tapping into our potential. We love being a part of this very relevant, important movement.”

“I was a client of The Family Practice in the early 2000s and had my best years ever. For some reason, I got sidetracked and did not renew. Well, 5 years ago I came home, and I’m so glad I did. I am having fun again. My practice has grown from $30,000 per month to over $75,000 per month. I added an associate, shifted from mostly insurance to over 80% cash, have more freedom, and simplified my life. I have become a better husband and father. My family and I are so grateful to be living and practicing our 100 Year Lifestyle.”
Dr. Nathans
Nathans Family Chiropractic
“The simplicity, congruency, resources, and 100 Year Lifestyle message are real, authentic, and amazing. Last year we were up ANOTHER $100,000 over our previous high the year before, we’ve added multiple doctors and we have transitioned to 85-90% cash.

We’ve been involved for over 7 years now and are constantly blown away by the fresh marketing, constant upgrades, new resources, and service. The purpose is right on, we love the message and so do our patients!”

The 100 Year Lifestyle has been the catalyst for growth in so many ways. My already good profit is up 33% over last year with more simplicity, purpose, and fun. Adding Associate Doctors has become a simpler, more successful process! It has helped to give me the freedom to exercise my entrepreneurial visions. It’s great to have all these quality resources in place that connect so well with our community!”
Dr. Bell
whole family chiropractic
“Our numbers are way up and we are growing. The message and website are working really well and we are having fun again, even in this crazy COVID world.”
Dr. Schimmizzi
schimmizzi family chiropractic
“We’ve been Affiliated for over 9 years now and our practice has grown year after year. Our New Patients and Retention have increased significantly and we recently broke through THE MILLION DOLLAR MARK. We are setting records even during the PANDEMIC and we definitely are living and practicing our ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.”
Drs. Waterman
“Our practice WAS with a franchise for a few years because we understand the importance of a common brand for chiropractic. The fees were outrageous and the results were not. Just the opposite is true with The 100 Year Lifestyle (not a franchise). The fees are reasonable and the results have been fantastic. Our production is way up. Our overhead has gone down and we are having more fun than ever in 20 years of practice. PS. The website has been fantastic for us!”
Dr. Pfeffer
pfeffer chiropractic &concussion clinic
“After 12 years of practice, I can finally say that I have never been more confident about my practice and the message I am delivering to the world about chiropractic! The 100 Year Lifestyle just makes sense. It is simple, current, relevant, and provides the most leading-edge information to my patients and my team. UNEXPECTED BONUS…When my family made a move to another state, I was even able to build and sell my practice for way more than I ever thought.”
Dr. Dixon
Inspire me chiropractic
“After more than 25 years in practice, The 100 Year Lifestyle has helped me re-position my practice to a congruent standard of chiropractic tenets. It has brought us out of the symptom-based trap and helps our team present the Chiropractic Lifestyle Care to everyone regardless of their condition or beliefs, and they are committing. They are paying. They value their care and they love our office. We have grown every year and are primed for this next year being even better than ever.”
Our first year in our brand-new practice went way better than expected. We attracted lots of new patients and had over $120,000 in profit! We just finished year 3 and we have grown every year in patients, profit and fun! Thank you, Dr. P. We love being a part of the family and recommend it to all DCs who want a practice filled with lifetime patients and change the perception of chiropractic in the world!”

Drs. Gonzalez
north point chiropractic
I am having so much fun living and practicing my 100 Year Lifestyle. My patients love it. My staff loves it and my practice profit is way up. We’ve been Affiliates for 7 years and I have more free time than ever. Things are so much simpler now than they used to be. Best of all, my family is enjoying the size of my smile!"
Dr. Cummins
“Our office is shattering previous highs with 4 record-setting years in a row. Our patients and community are becoming healthier and they LOVE The 100 Year Lifestyle.”
Dr. Buckley
health advantage
“The 100 Year Lifestyle has equipped me to communicate my message better than anything I’ve seen in 20 years of practice. The materials and concepts, especially the “Leverage of Longevity” help people understand why, like it or not, they will have to take care of their spine and nervous system for the rest of their lives! The entire team is invested in your growth, both professionally and personally. And for that, I am eternally grateful.”
Dr. Bergman
“The 100 Year Lifestyle has dramatically changed the way I approach my business and life. I have grown tremendously and solidified my foundation as a chiropractor, business owner and leader in my community. Thank you for paving the way for us and putting chiropractic at the forefront of healthcare! I am excited to see what is next.”

Dr. Goodrich
south florida chiropractic center
“My practice was up $100,000 in my first year with The 100 Year Lifestyle. As a new dad in a fairly new practice, I love that all the patient education and marketing resources are congruent and put together for me so that I can implement them with ease, and my patients love the 100 Year Lifestyle message! The training is right on target for what I need and where we want to go as a team. I am more excited than ever about my practice.”
Dr. Kirkpatrick
belmar chiropractic
“The 100 Year Lifestyle branding, communication, tools, and resources has taken our ability to create value for the chiropractic lifestyle to a whole new level. It got us out of our heads and more into our hearts. The philosophy of The 100 Year Lifestyle just makes so much sense. We are surpassing our goals and serving more people while having fun!”
Dr. Batterton
batterton chiropractic center
“I find it difficult to put into words what The 100 Year Lifestyle has been for myself and my family. It has put more fun and growth back into my established practice. The 100 Year Lifestyle team is passionate, hard-working, organized (I love this!), and fully committed. Together we are creating healthier generations in our community who are utilizing chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle.”
Dr. McGinnis
mcginnis family chiropractic
“My practice and profit were up 24% in my first year using The 100 Year Lifestyle System! And that was only the beginning. My practice has gone up every year since.

UNEXPECTED BENEFIT: I recently injured myself in a biking accident and could not adjust for months. I was able to bring in a cover doctor and we have not skipped a beat. I now realize the power of The 100 Year Lifestyle practice paradigm more than ever and have opened up to the possibility of adding associate doctors and getting my practice to run without me if I want. I’ve heard Dr. P say many times that this is really a freedom tool. I finally get it! Exciting!”
Dr. Volschke
active health chiropractic
“The 100 Year Lifestyle has rekindled the passion and ignited new life and growth into our practice. It’s great having our office team focused, congruent and excited again!”
Dr. Handt
“Since joining The 100 Year Lifestyle, our clinic has grown significantly. More importantly, the positive impact we’re making on our community has greatly increased! It’s much easier to communicate our practice vision in a way that people understand. The congruent materials such as ROF, PowerPoints, newsletters, and website have saved us a lot of time and effort, streamlined our process, and helped us to become better leaders in our community. I highly recommend The 100 Year Lifestyle to any chiropractor who wants to create a legacy of healthy generations in their practice.”
Dr. Kohut
alcona family chiropractic
“My NP and Retention are way up, and my practice is up by over $12,000 a month almost effortlessly in the first 7 months since Affiliating with The 100 Year Lifestyle.”
Dr. Webb
webb chiropractic
Dr. Cameron and Dr. Natalia from Shine Chiropractic in Asheville, NC share their success story as an Affiliate with The 100 Year Lifestyle. They are new in practice and have already seen great success with the tools and resources The 100 Year Lifestyle has provided them!
Shine Family Chiropractic
100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractors in Asheville & Brevard NC

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