The 100YL Chiropractic Vault

The Vault delivers step by step guidance and 35 years of wisdom that's helped DCs grow by millions of patients and over $1 billion delivering high integrity lifetime chiropractic care to more people.

Nearly every answer to every question about chiropractic practice building, team building, and personal growth is available in the 100YL Chiropractic Vault 24/7/365.

Access the 100YL Chiropractic Vault to…


Thousands of Videos and Documents covering nearly every topic. Your solutions are a search away!

Enjoy the personal freedom that comes with providing yourself and your team with the wealth of resources available in the Vault.


Always FRESH AND RELEVANT, we add new resources to the 100YL Chiropractic Vault each week. You will never have to wait for a coaching call to get answers. The information is always there for you and your team whenever you want it.

Label your favorites for easy access and repeated viewing so that you master the knowledge that is most important to you. We add new content weekly, so each time you log in, check the Recent Videos and Documents Folders for exciting new stuff.

Live Weekly Calls

Every Tuesday at 12 EST. we have a LIVE Training Call for our Affiliates. Attending LIVE keeps you connected to our community and gives you the opportunity to ask questions, contribute ideas, and hear new innovations first. All Training Videos become available in the Vault within 48 hours.

Now, Next Month, Next Year

The Vault contains the wisdom and tools that benefit you right now, while also containing the resources that you will need in a month, a year, 3 years, and 5 years from now. Those resources will help you reach your current goals, and reach your next level goals down the road.


The content in the 100YL Chiropractic Vault consists of CURRENT CONTENT, such as resources that helped doctors thrive during the pandemic, and FOREVER VALUABLE CONTENT on philosophy, business, practice building and personal development that will always be the foundation for growth. You will notice and appreciate that our vision has never waivered and our resources are always relevant.



As you grow, and as time goes on, you will realize that the Vault is a FREEDOM RESOURCE for you and your team. We welcome your ideas and input to make this resource the most valuable it can possibly be.

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