Freedom Services

100 Year Lifestyle Freedom Services were born out of the love our Affiliates have for 100YL social media and email marketing campaigns, and the requests to have us do the work for you. 

If you’d like to get the content out there but you don’t want to distract your team or pay exorbitant fees to local marketers, we can do it for you at a fraction of the cost. You will probably realize that you can’t afford not to, and you will love the results. 


Quality. Value. Relentless.


The Freedom Services we provide, 100YL Email and Social Media Posting for your practice, will keep people engaged, help drive people to your website, and create appointments for your practice. 

The quality of the resources and the relevance to your practice is spot on, and the consistency frees up your team.

Some companies charge up to 10X our fees for these services. Since we create the content for ourselves and so many of our 100YL Affiliates, we can provide relentless quality messaging at a fraction of the cost.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most important ways to stay in touch with your active patients base, reactivate people who have dropped out of care, and create value for increasing the frequency of visits through education.

Email marketing can also be time consuming and very expensive, which is why many DCs don’t do it consistently. 

Not to worry, we have your back. Just send us your list and we will send your people weekly emails that create engagement, bring traffic to your website, generate referrals, and reactivate in-actives. 

*Only $100/m Additional

Social Media Posting


Social Media posting is a necessary activity. It can be great for education and for showing your presence. 

DCs and CAs go in streaks posting chiropractic content and then disappearing for a while as they get busy. This roller coaster is common and can be frustrating.

Since we have the content, let us post for you! Your feeds will be abundant with content that connects while you focus on the fun things that bring joy to your practice and staff.

You will love the look of your feed, the freedom, and the price.

*1 Platform: 20 Posts/m – $300/m

*Each Additional Platform: $150/m

Content Driven SEO. Attract More People to Your Website.

Content is key! Search engines appreciate and will reward your site for having great content, fresh content, and active backlinks to and from significant places. 

Our weekly feeds from and periodic updates to your website article feed keep your site fresh and active, a great combination for the search engines happiness. 

Stay connected to these updates through weekly training call or by logging into the 100YL Vault and watching the recordings online. 

Create a Classy, Steady, Content Rich Feed

The 100YL is rich with content that is relevant to chiropractic, healthy living, and generational care. Co-branded with your practice and the 100 Year Lifestyle, our Freedom Services will keep your feed fresh with content that is aligned with your vision and get you off the binge posting roller coaster. 

You can always add fun and personal complements to the relentless information we post for you regularly.


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