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Speak Up & Lead!

Become a More Effective Communicator, Speaker, & Leader! 

  • November 4-5
  • Friday 6-9 PM: Introductions & The Big Idea- The breakthroughs and coaching begin!
  • Saturday 9 AM- 6 PM: An exciting, inspiring day of personal and group coaching to breakthrough fear, exponentially improve your skills, and learn how to reach people on a much deeper level.
  • Saturday Dinner (Optional) 6:30 PM: Fine dining with new friends to celebrate breakthroughs and decompress after an empowering day.
  • Sunday (Optional) 8:30 AM- 11 AM: Leadership and bonus training to focus your energy after expanding your vision from the previous two days.
  • 25 People Max
  • 100 Year Lifestyle Headquarters Marietta, GA.
  • Get access to the Master Your Speaking Skills training video immediately upon registering! ($295 value)


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Dr. Jill Kirar

I am walking the walk and talking the talk like never before! I already had several very important conversations with people about vaccines, COVID, and the dangers of masks for children. It has been liberating t0 speak my mind, my truth, about some of these most challenging subjects and have it be so well received. Thank you for helping me get over my fear to Speak Up and Lead!”

Dr. Vance Kirar

This weekend was revolutionary! Thank you so much for your coaching and direction. I learned communication gems from every speaker as I watched them transform themselves and their speaking techniques through the coaching and the weekend. Dr. Jill and I are looking forward to implementing what we have learned to reach more individuals and families so they can live their healthy 100 years. Outstanding group of doctors. I was super impressed!

Dr. Janet Cuhel

Thank you for everything! As you promised, I have found my voice!!!  And even more important, I now know how to use it to change more lives and make a bigger difference for my community! The tools and the coaching were unique and powerful, like nothing I have ever experienced in decades as a practicing chiropractor. This weekend changed my life.

Dr. Paul Weeks

Speak Up & Lead is a truly transformative experience! It helped me find my voice and taught me to deliver my message with power and clarity. And the weekend was so much more! The immersion experience into the 100 Year Lifestyle paradigm was outstanding!

Dr. Dean Shepherd

I’ve been a seasoned speaker for 35 years. Speak Up & Lead restored my energy and confidence to confront the most difficult topics, talks, and conversations that we will have to have today and in the future as we lead professionally through this paradigm shift that is happening in the world.”


Dr. Eileen Whelan

An AWESOME experience…I attended one several years ago. It was a transformative weekend on so many levels. I went back a 2nd time with my daughter who works with me in my practice. It was even more impactful for me and she was blown away. Our confidence and skills have never been higher! I highly recommend it!!! 💯💯💥💥

Dr. Josh Handt

“Speak Up & Lead was life-changing for me both times I attended. I left my second SU&Lwith the skills, confidence, & passion to start my podcasts, Lifestyle Locker and Healthy Life NYC. They have been a lot of fun and awesome marketing opportunities for our practice and vision.”

Dr. Cam Brownley

“SU&L created incredible shifts in my ability to communicate my truth…TWICE! The first time AS A STUDENT, I was amazed at how well I was able to anchor important communication points and concepts so more people “got it”. I was able to break out of my shell and connect to my authentic voice. After the second one, I felt much more confident in my ability to communicate chiropractic and get through to more people with authenticity, passion, and creativity.”

Dr. Vince Punturere 

“The practical, supportive tools and coaching at SU&L enabled me to reach more people with more effective communication. I learned so much about how body language, vocal tone, and word choice can contribute to or take away from your message. Loved it!”  

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Speak Up & Lead will improve your skills, confidence, and effectiveness in all personal and practice-related communication including 1 on 1 conversation, Reports of Findings, sales opportunities, Dinner Talks, Community Lectures, Special Events, Social Media Videos, Relationship Building, Chiropractic Talks, and much more!






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