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Our 100YL All-Inclusive System is our Flagship Program. If you’re living tView producthe 100 Year Lifestyle, you will love practicing with The 100 Year Lifestyle on your side.

What you really get with The 100 Year Lifestyle is…

  • An exciting vision and roadmap for your future
  • An inspiring vision for your community to follow
  • Renewed enthusiasm for your practice and chiropractic
  • Trusted resources for fearless, worry-free decision making and growth
  • More time with your family, more fun, and profit
  • The freedom to come and go as you choose
  • The opportunity to do what you love and delegate the rest
  • An empowered, highly educated team
  • World-class marketing resources and expertise
  • Be a part of something bigger without giving up ownership of your business
  • Leadership wisdom without the trial-and-error pain
  • A patient base that values your care for a lifetime
  • Much, much more

From: $597.00 / month and a $950.00 sign-up fee


After 25 years in practice, I have fallen back in love with being a chiropractor. I’ve added an associate, simplified, and our patients love the 100 Year Lifestyle message. For years, I had an integrated practice where the money was great but I hated my practice. In 2020 we are having our best year ever, even with the pandemic, and I LOVE my practice!” Dr. Weeks


The 100YL All-Inclusive System includes unlimited access and ongoing updates to all of the following…

  • 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Vault
  • 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Marketing Vault
  • Premier Listing for Your Practice on 100YearLifestyle.com Map
  • Personalized 100 Year Chiropractic Website
  • Live Weekly Training Calls for Ongoing Motivation, Inspiration, and Q & A Support
  • Email Support
  • Web Support
  • Complimentary Vault and Marketing Updates
  • Complimentary Content Updates on All Platforms

$950 Set up fee plus first month’s payment due at signing.

Upfront payments are now available!

36 month subscription- save 20% 3 payments of $6900

60 months subscription- save 20% 3 payments of 9500. 

Contact us for more information, email Support@100YearLifestyle.com or call 866-532-3327 Option 2.

The 100YL is not a franchise. You keep 100% ownership of your business. You keep 100% of your income and growth.


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