Our 100YL All-Inclusive System is our Flagship Program. If you’re “living” the 100 Year Lifestyle, you will love practicing with The 100 Year Lifestyle on your side.

The 100YL All-Inclusive System includes unlimited access and ongoing updates to all of the following…

The 100YL is not a franchise. You keep 100% ownership of your business. You keep 100% of your income and growth.

“The simplicity, congruency, resources, and 100 Year Lifestyle message are real, authentic, and amazing. Last year we were up ANOTHER $100,000 over our previous high the year before, we’ve added multiple doctors and we have transitioned to 85-90% cash. We’ve been involved for over 7 years now and are constantly blown away by the fresh marketing, constant upgrades, new resources, and service. The purpose is right on, we love the message and so do our patients!”


“After more than 25 years in practice, The 100 Year Lifestyle has helped me re-position my practice to a congruent standard of chiropractic tenets. It has brought us out of the symptom-based trap and helps our team present the Chiropractic Lifestyle Care to everyone regardless of their condition or beliefs, and they are committing. They are paying. They value their care and they love our office. We have grown every year and are primed for this next year being even better than ever.”


“We’ve been Affiliated for over 9 years now and our practice has grown year after year. Our New Patients and Retention have increased significantly and we recently broke through THE MILLION DOLLAR MARK. We are setting records even during the PANDEMIC and we definitely are living and practicing our ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.”

Dr. Waterman Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

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